This is my portfolio for digital media creation. I created all content unless otherwise noted in the related “read more” post. There is additional content throughout this website.

Modeling and Surfacing

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Click or swipe left and right to view these images. You can read more about this project here.

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Visual Effects (VFX)

The videos under this heading demonstrate motion tracking and compositing. The first video demonstrates a computer generated object added to live footage.

The box is a computer image. Read more.

The next two videos demonstrate using mattes to mix images. Read more.

Video Editing

This is a remix of the original music video. The athletes highlighted in the video are all Olympic gold medalists for the United States.

Game Engines and Real-Time Rendering

Click here for all game related posts. I have used Godot Engine, Three.js, Love2D, and Unity. I’m proficient with Eevee, Blender’s real-time render engine.