Introducing Pandemic Puzzle -OR- Amoeba Enigma

My coronavirus themed puzzle video game is available for Android and desktop devices via as Pandemic Puzzle (free until general release) and on Google Play as Amoeba Enigma ($1.99). Pandemic Puzzle and Amoeba Enigma are the same experience with a couple of different graphics.

The games are stuck in beta for the foreseeable future. They are stable, and I am not aware of any bugs. However, I need to revise the game play to make it more interesting.

I began learning to use Godot Engine late in 2019 to make a compelling prototype for my just-in-time-geometry project, and I was interested in making a simple, 2D puzzle game to sell. The Covid-19 pandemic hit, and I found my muse.

The roadblock is that I need people to play the games and provide feedback for me to make iterative improvements that merit general release, but volunteers aren’t lining up for a game that is not yet ready for general release. Now I understand why professional studios pay play testers and why YouTube is full of independent game developers cautioning that the only reason to make an indy game is for love.

Prove the cynics wrong! Play my game, and give me feedback. Please?