David James Kalbfleisch
younger me

Pandemic Puzzle -OR- Amoeba Enigma

My coronavirus themed puzzle video game is in beta testing. It is available for Android and desktop devices via itch.io as Pandemic Puzzle. The game is also available for Android on Google Play as Amoeba Enigma. Pandemic Puzzle and Amoeba Enigma are the same game play with a couple of different graphics. Here and here are the instructions.

Just-In-Time Geometry

Visit Build the Oasis to learn about my proof of concept for 3D content delivery.

My Room

I created a little homage to my childhood. It’s a long work in progress, and there isn’t much to see or do yet. Visit it with a Chromium-based browser. Gamepad input should work. Relevant keyboard inputs are WASD, Z, X, and the arrows. You might have to mouse click the window first.